Company Overview

Bioprinting Laboratories Inc. (Bioprinting Labs or BPL) has been exploiting “microarray three-dimensional (3D) bioprinting” technology and developing easy-to-use, disposable, pillar/perfusion plates and bioprinted human mini-tissues derived from pluripotent stem cells (a.k.a., organoids). Our main products are injection-molded, pillar/perfusion plates, which are developed for rapid and robust human organoid culture and analysis. These products can be used for 3D cell/tissue culture and predictive screening of compounds for pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and chemical industries. Our mission is to enhance human safety and health by developing and providing pillar/perfusion plates, bioprinted human organoids on the pillar plates, and related toxicity/efficacy assessment services to serve global in vitro cell-based testing markets.

Problem and Opportunity

Due to FDA Modernization Act 2.0 passed in December 2022, there is enormous need for animal alternatives such as human organoids, bioprinted human tissue constructs, and organ-on-chips to better predict toxicity and efficacy of new drug candidates and increase the success rate of compound screening in preclinical evaluations. BPL addresses critical customer needs in this market by combining the three alternative models into one pillar/perfusion plate platform. Recently, there have been great advances made in organotypic 3D cell/tissue models such as human organoids for disease modeling. However, human organoid cultures have been performed on low-throughput platforms such as 6/24-well plates, petri dishes, and spinner flasks, which significantly limit their use in preclinical evaluations. BPL has targeted this bottleneck by developing innovative, microarray 3D bioprinting of human organoids in the pillar/perfusion plate and facilitating robust organoid culture and imaging in situ for predictive compound screening.

Product and Solution

Our products are injection-molded pillar/perfusion plates (e.g., 36PillarPlate, 36PerfusionPlate, 144PillarPlate, 144PerfusionPlate, 384PillarPlate, and 384DeepWellPlate) for 3D cell and tissue cultures as well as bioprinted human organoids on the pillar plates. Bioprinted human organoids can recapitulate physiologically relevant characteristics of the tissues in vivo, thus providing more predictive insight into potential organ-specific toxicity of compounds. It is cost-effective, high-throughput, and highly reproducible for various cell-based assays with a capability of over-expressing or silencing specific genes in cells by using gene editing technology, which is an essential feature for human disease modeling. In addition, the pillar/perfusion plate system can simulate organ-organ interactions for accurate prediction of drug effects in humans.

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